Over 100 CAC member farmers participate in CAC Pangoa’s organic cacao program. Eighty percent of these farmers produce certified organic cacao, and twenty percent are in transition to meeting standards for certified organic production.

CAC Pangoa technicians visit cacao farms periodically to inspect crops and assist farmers in pest and other threat prevention. Once cacao crops are harvested and transported to the cooperative, they undergo quality inspection. We offer producers the option to send unfermented recently harvested cacao to the cooperative where it is fermented by cooperative workers. This helps us to ensure uniform quality of fermented cacao and reduces the individual farmer’s workload.

We currently export cacao to North America and Europe, where it is used to make high quality chocolates and other products. At CAC Pangoa we make our own chocolate products for local sale, thus we can personally attest to the final product quality of our cacao beans.

CAC Pangoa works with a variety of local farmers and native community members who produce our cacao. In one example, native Ashaninka members in the Rio Tambo district, use agroforestry systems to produce their cacao, generating labor and income for the villagers and reducing degradation of local forests.

For more information on our cacao varieties and exportation please contact us directly via the information on the contact page.

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